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LA Ink

LA Ink gives you the buzz behind some of the best tattoos ever drawn and some of the greatest tattoo artists in the world.

From Beyond

This series investigates the manifestation of ghosts and bad energies in people's homes as our team of three expert ghost busters work tirelessly to expel bad spirits.

Texas Ranch House

A "Hands-on-History" docu-series that transported 16 participants back in time to live in 1867 Texas, complete with period food, clothing and none of the modern emmenities we've become accustom to using in our every day lives.

Gruber Justice Library

The documentary library series for the Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation concentrates on legacy leadership in Justice and Women’s Rights.

Discovery: Travelers

By digging deep enough to find the character of the world’s most intriguing festivals and competitions, this series became the highest rated cable program in its afternoon time slot. We helped create the format and the first season episodes that explored the Amazon, Paraguay, New Zealand, Australia, New Mexico and Mexico.


Scouted chronicles the discovery process of the next big name in the modeling industry.

The Stable

The Stable captures, from the inside out, the pulse and drama of boxing – the grit, the heart, the agony and the ecstasy of this oldest of sports and the lives of those who dedicate themselves to it.

Liberty Medal

Lunchbox has helped brand the Philadelphia Liberty Medal for over a decade with all content for the live ABC broadcast, including this 2012 tribute to medal recipient Muhammad Ali.


The trials and tribulations in choosing a Maid of Honor and her court are the central dramatic elements driving this docusoap.

Latino Boot Camp

Multinational adventure series where kids are taken back to their parent's homeland to experience the world and cultures of their heritage.

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